Friday, March 6, 2009

Ahhhhhhhh, Sleep

Stanza has always like variety in her sleeping locations. Usually she will sleep somewhere for a few days then move and find another place. It's always fun to find her newest location.

one of her newest spots in a box in the bottom of my closet
that's the lid to my Miq'maq hand woven laundry hamper

For a few days she decided she would nap on Louise's bed....
even on top of papers
this spot also gets the afternoon sun so it's fairly popular

This morning she looked so cute sleeping on the quiltframe with her ears and face just peeking over the edge when you see her from the kitchen
She's been sleeping here most of the time in the past couple of months since it went up

this is what she looked like a few minutes ago .........

she curls up in a ball and tucks her nose under her tail or a a paw

Monday, February 23, 2009

Off to Maple Creek and Medicine Hat

Today we left home early so I could see the vet before she did surgery for the morning. I was very NOT impressed with having my temp taken and let everyone know about it. I was more tolerant of having blood drawn once the needle was in. The good news is that I've gained the weight lost while I was ill a couple of weeks ago so I am back up to what I was when I had my diagnosis for hyperthyroidism made. Still down about 1.5 lbs from my previous normal weight.

The not so good news is that both options for my treatment are a bit complicated and they are seeking some more advice prior to us making a decision which way to go. Louise has already ruled out radioactive iodine treatment due to the cost.

I kept clinging to Louise's shoulder, wanting to make sure she didn't leave me there again. Once we were in the car, I 'talked" to me frequently during the trip to Medicine Hat (about an hour). Louise still hasn't figured out what that was all about.

Stanza sitting on her blanket in the car........with a white bandage this time fortunately they didn't have to shave her again to take the blood

I wanted to get out of the car at stops in Medicine Hat....... but we were only there long enough for Louise to drop of sewing machines for servicing, pick up some supplies for her workshop at the end of March at both Michael's and Fabricland.

We had to stop back at the vets in Maple Creek to pick up more canned food for me plus a bag of "healthy" treats. I liked them a lot and ate 3 in the car. Renee said eating them would be like having a rice krispie treat when you really wanted chocolate, but these days, a treat is a treat!

I finally settled down for a bit of a nap on the way home.......... it's hard when a fur gal misses her morning snooze! Louise was happy she got home in time to see most of GH. More snoozing in my new closet napping place once home.

Stanza's new napping spot.......when not being woken for photo ops

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stanza Update

Stanza has been home for a week after her little stay at the vets. She was eating very well until a couple of days ago when she didn't want to eat or drink again. I let her go part of the day but made sure she got some food and water into her before night time. Yesterday I fed her again - not a pleasant event for either of us to be honest. But, she did eat and drink last nite, even if not as much as usual.

Today I brushed her and took some pics to show that she was looking better than when she came come. Compared with the pic at the top of this blog, she's still looking very thin. She is also back to sleeping on the bed..........totally avoided that when she was not eating. You can even see some of her fur growing back where they took her first set of bloodwork.

Fur is starting to show up again on her L leg where they took the first batch of bloodwork.
R leg is where they had the IV in 10 days ago.

She's also been enjoying some extra chin rubbing lately, even seeking it out.

We are off to visit the vet early tomorrow am for a check up and to discuss her treatment options. Apparently she had a rare side effect to her thyroid med (bone marrow suppression) and will not be able to take it again. Her vets have been calling specialists to see what other options we have beside radioactive iodine treatment which I have already declined ($1600 and done in Saskatoon - a 4-5 hr drive away plus boarding time till she is clear of the radioactive stuff). After the vet appt we are going on to Medicine Hat (another hour drive) so Louise can do some errands and check out interesting things at Michael's. Stanza gets a "nest" of a very warm sleeping bag to keep her cozy on the trip.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stanza finally gets her own blog!

For some time now, I've said that Stanza, my 15 yr old Maine Coon mix needs her own blog. Since she recently has had some health issues to deal with, I ended up posting updates on my own blog and they've taken it over. So......... I am moving all the Stanza posts over to this new blog. Plus I plan to add posts from our travels over the Summer and Fall 2008 when she came along with me on a working trip to the Yukon and the mountains in SE BC.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stanza gets Sprung - A pictoral post

Today when talking to the vet about how stanza was doing we decided that, although she's not yet eating on her own, I could feed her at home instead of her staying there. So, off to Maple Creek to pick her up. That meant I had to cancel meeting up with Dale Anne Potter at 3Pm as they requested me to be there at 2 pm and it's a 1.5 hr drive each way. Once I learned how to feed her when she wouldn't eat on her own and how to add fluids if not drinking, we headed for home. Once home, we tried the feeding routine, not really a fun event for either of us, but she started licking it off my fingers which was an improvement. Later on she decided she would try eating out of her dish.and has continued to do so. A phone call to the vet to let her know things were going so well. A big relief to know Stanza is glad to be home and settling into her routine. I am feeling a bit of a meany by not letting her mooch or have treats - she has to stay on the special diet food to make sure she doesn't get her system upset again.

Stanza thanks everyone for their concern for her and support for her owner during this trying time!
Sittng on the table waiting for "mom"
that's a pen the vet is holding

Stanza's accomdation at the vets, glad to be out of there!

Waiting at the desk for things to be readied to leave
Renee knows how to keep a gal happy!

Are we there yet??

A sight to gladden an owner's heart - Stanza eating on her own!!
Messy as she is, she's eating

The indignity of having my fur shaved for IV site.....
wonder how long it will take to grow back in?

Looking thinner and a bit worse for wear
but glad to be home at last!!!

AT LAST - back to sleeping on the quilt frame!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stanza Update

Sanza hooked up to her IV in her "cage" at the vet's

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stanza Update

Stanza's new preferred nap location

The vet called today with the results of Stanza's bloodwork. She is apparently extremely hyperthyroid. Otherwise her blood results are good for a gal of her age. They are shipping the meds this afternoon and we should have them in the morning. She also said to keep feeding her whatever she wants when she wants it for the time being. Stanza is up to 3 cans of fancy feast per day, the first one in am practically being inhaled! I think the FF bill will be worse than the meds. We need to have Stanza's blood re-checked in 3 weeks to see how the meds are doing. Because of her age they are only giving her 2 pills a day to start. She also advised me on what possible side effects may show up and to call her if I had any concerns. I told her stanza already seemed a bit improved with getting the extra food - poor thing was literally starving to death.